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This wiki, called techiePedia, is created for my own purpose as a simple way to document tech-stuff that I would otherwise tend to forget and spend time to search for or troubleshoot again. Primarily these are subjects to my profession as an IT-specialist focusing on Citrix related products,technologies and solutions. Since some of this information may be of interest to others, I have made some of it public accessible through this site.


the Author

My name is Tonny Andersson. I am 45 years old and work as a technical consultant/Solution Architect, currently at Thunder-Cloud AB, with my focus in the cloud and mobility area (application, desktop and server virtualization), mainly leveraging Citrix products and technologies. I have 20+ years of experience in my profession. My past projects include designing and implementing VDI-solutions for a wide variety from small local to large international companies and authorities including some of the largest VDI-implementations in Sweden. I live in Kävlinge near Malmö in the south of Sweden.

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the Wiki

This is a wiki running on DokuWiki (Weatherwax version). Plugins used are FckgLite, IndexMenu, AddNewPage and PageQuery.

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